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Curacao Headlines

Adventure on the Bounty

This replica of  an ancient sailing vessel, offers a  pirate adventure. A combination lunch and snorkel trip,


Sea Aquarium


This small aquarium offers a variety of indigenous sea life.  Visitors can view feedings of the sea turtles, morays and nurse sharks. There is also a dolphin show.   

Various dolphin and animal encounters are available at the Sea Aquarium. You can swim, snorkel, dive with the dolphins. Older children can swim with the dolphins .



There are 38 beaches located in Curacao. The water is clear and blue.  Some of the more popular beaches include: Barbara Beach, Caracas Bay, Cas Abao, Daaibooi Bay, Jan Thiel, Play Abao, Playa Kalki, Playa Kenepa, Playa Porto Marie, and Westpunt Bay.


Hato Caves

The location is isolated, about 10 miles outside of town.  Be sure to arrange round trip  transportation in advance. Cafe on premises.

These limestone caverns feature stalactites and stalagmites in unusual formations, as well as underwater ponds, and 1,500 year-old petroglyphs. In the nineteenth century, the Hato Caves were used as hiding places for run-away slaves, and formerly, ancient religious ceremonies were conducted there.  A nature trail on the grounds provides a self-guided tour with 15 interesting plants, trees, animals, and objects (petroglyphs) identified and explained in an accompanying brochure.  Hourly guided tours of the caves are given. 


Maritime Museum

Located in a renovated mansion on the Waaigat inlet just above the floating market, the Maritime Museum's exhibits trace chronologically the History of Curacao. Important artifacts such as antique miniatures, 17th century ship models and maps from the 1500's are on display. This may not hold the interest of younger children.


Ostrich & Game Farm

Visit an  ostrich family and get a chance to see how the ostrich develops from the egg to the biggest and the fastest bird in the world.


Scuba Diving and Snorkeling

With over 68 dive sites, many close to shore, Curacao offers some of the best diving opportunities in the Caribbean. The island's "Mushroom Forest" has been recognized as one of the top dives in the world. Children as young as ten can participate in dive programs (PADI certification, resort certification or shallow dives) and children of all ages can see abundant fish and sea life while snorkeling. Underwater visibility is up to 150 feet.


Seaworld Explorer

A semi-submersible submarine offers passengers a close-up view of Curacao's stunning coral reefs and sea life.


Shete Boka

Shete Boka, meaning seven inlets in Papiamentu, is the island's newest national park. Visitors may hike along the rugged cliffs where the cliffs have carved out dramatic caverns. At the Boka Tabla there's a wide cavern underneath a limestone terrace where you can watch and listen as the surf rolls in.


Christoffel Park

At Curacao's highest point on the western end of the island is the Christoffel National Park, a protected 4500-acre wildlife preserve and botanical garden. The park is a sanctuary for animal wildlife such as iguanas, rabbits, donkeys, birds, and the whitetail Curacao deer. At the entrance to the park is the Savonet Plantation House, one of the oldest plantation homes in Curacao and home to the new Museum of National and Cultural History.

Willemstad, Curacao